Favorite Things I Wrote in 2019

Read it, weirdos!

A Chat With Holly Herndon About Making Music with AI, Artistic Necrophilia, and Embracing the Inhuman

A fun interview with Holly Herndon

Louis CK, R. Kelly, and the Blurring of Work

On how environments where ~ fun ~ art is created and consumed can mask predatory behavior

‘How Many Stories Can You Write About Rape?’: 20 Years of Law & Order SVU

An incredibly nerdy oral history of five wild SVU episodes, featuring the researchers, writers, character actors, and directors who made them

‘Museums Are Not Inherently Any Way’: MTL Collective On Decolonize This Place and Reimagining Museums

An interview MTL collective members Nitasha Dhillon and Amin Husain about protesting the Whitney, visionary organizing, and the cloak of progressiveness art institutions wear to hide their conservative politics

Taylor Swift, Fearless review

A kinder review of an album I used to hate

The Pleasure of Useless Hack Videos in An Increasingly Efficient World

On why I love 5 Minute Crafts and hate “lifehacks”

At UNTUCKit, the Clothes Make the Man, and the Man Needs Help

On a wildly popular menswear brand and the implications of its infantilizing marketing

Battle Hymn of the #Boymom

On the corny popularity of the term “boymom”

Revisiting the Mean Girls of Queen Bees & Wannabes

On a book and a lowkey moral panic that defined my pre-teen years

School Shootings and the Cheerily Gruesome World of DIY Classroom Prep

On the subtle, craft-oriented ways teachers make their classrooms a little safer

Queer Eye Is Missing Out on a Sharper Conversation About Inept Straight Dudes

On how Queer Eye could do more to alleviate the “second shift”

The Overuse of 'Emotional Labor' Turns All Relationships Into Work

On a term that feels meaningless now